Studio Registration — Info & Disclaimer

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Welcome, new studio!

Thanks for choosing clipvia™ as your distribution platform. Before we get started, I wanted to convey a few rules that we here at clipvia have to follow — occasionally by our web host, but more commonly we’re legally bound to obey these rules and regulations.

Your compliance with these rules and regulations will help us to operate an issue-free and continual-service distribution platform. Please read the following carefully, it means a lot to us.


We want to assure you that we use standard industry practices for our 128-bit SSL encryption during our checkout process. This is the very same level of encryption used by every site for every secure checkout process on the internet. Customer data is safe and secure.

For sensitive information that we store concerning studios (SSNs, etc), we go above and beyond these industry practices by using 256-bit AES encryption. This is the same level of security that the NSA uses for their sensitive data, so you can be positive that even if our system is compromised (highly unlikely), your data will still be secure.

Rules & Regulations

Please read these carefully. Failure to comply with these rules is grounds for immediate studio and/or video suspension without compensation.

  • No Minors: All actors/actresses must be 18 years of age or older. It is your responsibility to verify the age of/keep records of your actors/actresses. Clipvia assumes no producer role in your clips.
  • No Animals/Beastiality: Sex with or involving animals is strictly prohibited. It is your responsibility to make sure no animals appear in your clips.
  • No Drugs: Drugs and drug use are both prohibited.
  • No Rape/Nonconsensual sexual acts: Imagery of rape and nonconsensual sexual acts are prohibited.
  • No Roofies/Chloroform: No usage, implied or otherwise, of chemicals to render someone unconsious.
  • No Blood/Feces/Scat/Urine/Vomit: The following bodily fluids (simulated or otherwise) cannot be used in clips: Feces, blood, urine, vomit.
  • No Necrophilism: Imagery of deceased people or animals (simulated or otherwise) is prohibited.
  • Bondage Restrictions: Penetration of any kind is not allowed within bondage clips.
  • No Suffocation: Imagery of people or animals being suffocated is strictly prohibited.
  • No Weapons: Clips depicting weapons (real or simulated) are prohibited.
  • No Animal Crushing: This includes animals considered to be food and/or pests.
  • No Fisting: Clips showing fisting of any kind are not allowed.
  • No Snuff/Horror: Imagery of people or animals being maimed or killed is prohibited.
  • No Intoxication: Clips showing people intoxicated during sex are not allowed. This includes alcohol as well as intoxication caused by other means.

Studio Activation

Before your studio can be activated, you must comply with the following requirements:

  • You must have 2 clips uploaded to your store.
  • Your tax information must be complete and valid.

Payout Methods And Rates

Our current payout rate is 60% of the gross clip sale profit and 60% of net tribute profit. These are the percentages you will be paid at the end of the first month that your account has accumulated at least $100.

The current options for payouts are direct deposit (free) and wire transfer ($25 deducted from payout for bank wiring fees).


Clipvia™ uses the following technologies:

  • Storefront Hosting: All storefronts are hosted on our secure servers and distributed using the Clipvia distribution platform.
  • Clip Hosting: All clips are securely stored on a third-party distributed storage solution. Clips are only accessible using keys generated by the Clipvia distribution platform and cannot be redistributed.
  • Payment Processing: All payment processing is handled by a secure third-party billing solution.
  • Uploading: The Clipvia system handles the uploading process, so no FTP programs are required.
  • Preview Generation: Because of Title 2257 limitations, creation of clip previews (animated gif or otherwise) is the responsibility of the clip producer.
  • Offline Clip Creation: At this point in time, Clipvia does not offer any creation of clips from any mediums. Clip creation must be digital and is the responsibility of the studio.
  • Support: Technical and Account support are available via email and support form (link located in the footer). Please allow 24 hours for a response.